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Image by James Wheeler

Join us in 
Regenerating and Healing
Our Landscapes!

Why is this important? We all desire healthy, nontoxic outdoor spaces, right?  


But did you know that most industrial landscaping practices involve the spraying of toxic, cancer-causing chemicals? Many people don't realize that these sprays are truly toxic, that this is simply not necessary, and that there are much better options! Not only can we stop spraying chemicals, but we can actually heal and regenerate land! 


And it gets even better: when we heal and nourish the soil, it can hold more water which provides protection against wildfires, drought, erosion and floods! We also protect and encourage ecosystem health and biodiversity which increases human health and happiness too! (Plus, as the land heals, less water is needed which decreases expenses!) 


​--> a little more awesomeness for you:

Did you know that healthy, regenerated landscapes sequester carbon and help to reverse climate change? So much goodness happens when we partner with, learn from, and listen to Nature!

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Step 1: Show Your Support!

Please sign this petition to show your support for Tamarron going chemical-free! (Tamarron is a community 15 miles north of Durango, CO)...and anyone can sign it! So please share!!


(If you know of other places that need similar encouragement, please contact us!)

Image by Rita Morais

Step 2: Join us for the Regenerative Landscaping Speaker Series!

This May through September, please join us for an awesome line-up of regenerative experts!

Please gather with us in person! (see the flyer below)

Or join via Zoom: Click Here!

(Passcode: Regenerate)


Image by Shane Rounce

Step 3: Celebrate Your Impact!

Woohoo! Thank you for doing your part in helping our precious planet to heal and for being involved in creating healthy outdoor spaces for everyone!


Together, we can do this!  :)


We are so honored to be supported by these fantastic regenerative businesses and organizations!!

(Sponsorships are needed and greatly appreciated...we are looking for regenerative businesses/organizations and those who support them! If you're interested in sponsoring this series, please contact

*Dung Beetle art by Miki Harder

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And check out our amazing regenerative speakers!!


Curious about the toxins being sprayed? Check it out...

Scotts Weed & Feed contains 2,4-D which is an herbicide and defoliant found in Agent Orange which is known to cause cancer from use in events like the Vietnam War. 

Glyphosate found in RoundUp is being linked to causing Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Lawn chemicals are being linked to cancer in our beloved pets as well. And here's a great article regarding how Irvine became Southern California's first nontoxic city!! 

More info on the harmful effects of these chemicals:

These are just a few examples of the damage caused by using these unnecessary chemicals. Vast amounts of these chemicals also find their way into our waterways and drinking water, not to mention the negative impacts on wildlife. Ultimately, we all live 'downstream', so please help support this movement wherever you are!

You might wonder why people would still spray these chemicals considering how awful they are... most people don't realize just how toxic these chemicals are and how much damage they do to ecosystems and our health. People also don't know that there are healthy, regenerative options!


It's time to get educated together and make the transition to regenerative, healthy landscapes!

Here, we will post video links for the talks as they happen
so you can catch up!  :) 

Katrina Blair of Turtle Lake Refuge and Bee Happy Lands (May 1, 2023)

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