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Some Great Ways to Get Involved and Explore More!


There are some amazing things happening around regenerative agriculture! Here are some ways to get more info and get involved!



Websites to Find &/or Order Regen Food

The first place to start on your regenerative journey is the food you eat. Seek out (and hopefully build relationships with!) your local, regenerative farmers and ranchers who are specifically focused on:

  • building soil health and increasing biodiversity (this also means avoiding/not using synthetic fertilizers and any/all pesticides)

  • caring for the land the way Nature would 

    • this includes the ethical treatment of animals and the ability for animals to live naturally and eat what is right for their digestive systems (and obviously this means animals *not* in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)…a.k.a. feedlots) 

Eating food from local/regenerative sources means you are eating nutrient-dense, nontoxic food AND healing the planet all at the same time! Local *and* regenerative is the best; however, even if you’re ordering regenerative food that’s not local, it’s still amazing, healthy and healing the planet! (And look for restaurants and markets that source this way too!)


Some Regen Food sources:


Happy Regenerative Eating!!  :)

Hope for a Regenerative Future!

Regenerative Agriculture (in general, Thinking like Nature) offers us ways to truly be involved in healing our planet and obtaining optimal health while also creating a beautiful future together. Regenerating our planet’s soils will even help to heal the oceans (I can explain this if you’re intrigued)!

Let's do this!!!  :)

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